Video Premiere: Goldilox Shows How She Gets Revenge in “Touch You Where it Hurts”


Not many artists have the edge to pull off the type of dark and twisted, yet alluring music that Goldilox has mastered. With a background in high-end fashion modelling, she possesses the kind of poise and avante-garde style that sets her apart from other artists. She sings a story of revenge on her latest single "Touch You Where it Hurts," using her sultry vocals to send a message that she is not somebody to be crossed. The new music video gives off the feel of an old school thriller, where Goldilox stars as an unforgiving woman seeking vengeance from a toxic relationship. Goldilox talked about the inspiration behind the video:

“In creating the video I wanted to unravel the story showing strong images that move quickly from thrilling to beautiful and from peaceful to explosive. I wanted to be one of those lead female characters in a 90s movie. Someone to fall in love with and fear at the same time.”

She accomplished just that, as Goldilox comes off as both intoxicating and intimidating- and quite frankly pretty badass. The video's chaotic plotline is juxtaposed by its peaceful and scenic Mediterranean location and by Goldilox's apparent content as she carries out revenge on her husband. The song's powerful vocals and commanding melody perfectly portray the feelings that encompass the desire for revenge.

Goldilox's upcoming album is expected to be out this summer, with details to be released shortly. You can watch the music video for "Touch You Where it Hurts" here: