VIDEO PREMIERE + INTERVIEW: Overjoy Shares A Psychedelic “Holiday”

Before scrolling any further, just press play and prepare for a quick exercise in mind expansion…

Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon, ay? With their otherworldly visuals, LEX FAMOUS' hypnotizing voice, and Métty & Hoff's out-of-the-box experimental production, we even considered changing our name to Overjoy after watching the "Holiday" video. The trio emerged in 2013 with a unwavering dedication to their art and a clear vision to, in their own words, "convey honesty and adventure while taking you on a run on the wild side." 

Overjoy's Breakfast EP was released via esteemed Australian label Sweat It Out! in 2015, setting the tone for their soothing, tropical-meets-tribal indie dance sound. Currently, the L.A. crew is prepping for their sophomore offering with the Another EP as well as developing their live show, which includes the psychedelic visuals you've witnessed above. In regards to the "Holiday" music video, creator Gaia Marcaccini commented:

The "Holiday" video is about a psychedelic character standing alone on a deserted island who sees other people having fun in the distance, so he sets off on an intergalactic voyage to go find his kind on the other side.

"Holiday" will be featured on the Another EP, set for a Sept. 9 release. In the meantime, catch your free download of the single and read more about Overjoy's spiritual birth, what we can expect in the coming months, and their ultimate goals as a band below. 


OTW: Love the name Overjoy! Tell us how that was born.

Métty: Well this all started back in 2013, when Hoff and I decided we were starting a production project after several years of friendship and working together as DJs in LA. We knew if we were going to make any noise we had to get the right name. So we started this shared Google doc and compiled a massive list of names over the whole course of that summer, everything from Steamroom to Antenna. Needless to say, nothing was really feeling right, so we requested some inspiration from above and later on that summer during an Ayahuasca retreat we went on, the stars aligned and on the 1st night I had a full on Boogie Nights/Dirk Diggler moment. I saw a sign, the word "Overjoy" in the most beautiful colors, and in the morning we decided that was it and haven't looked back since.  

OTW: What role do each of you play in the creation process of a song?

Lex: Each song idea has a CEO, usually the one who contributed more of the initial idea, or whoever ends up caring about it the most. I contribute instrumental melodies, vocals, & write most of the lyrics. Hoff plays bass, synth and guitar. Métty does the drums and percussion–he uses some pretty interesting samples to build his kits.

OTW: Tell us abut the making of Another and how (if at all) the sound has changed/evolved since the Breakfast EP.

Hoff: Another was an experimental EP for us–we were trying out new sounds and formats as we were inspired. Each song has a completely different vibe to it–we just kind of let the songs go how they wanted to go. The sound is a bit more raw than the Breakfast EP, but we maintained some of our trademark sounds.

OTW: How do you hope your music is received? 

Lex: We hope our music incites inspiration for our audience to do their soul work. We hope to convey honesty and adventure while taking you on a run on the wild side.

OTW: Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list & why?

Hoff: Nicola Cruz - he's an artist from Ecuador who does a good job at mixing the indigenous jungle vibe with really smart analog production.

Metty: Kornel Kovacs - he's a DJ / producer from Sweden. I'm absolutely in love with all of his mixes and the sound of his label Studio Barnhus. The attention to detail in the production is inspiring.

Lex: Galcher Lustwerk - We dig his vibe a lot, really love his tunes "Parlay" and "I Neva Seen"–we've been dropping them in our DJ sets.

OTW: What's next for Overjoy? What the ultimate goal?

Métty: Good question–a lot actually. On the live performance side of things, we are launching our live show this fall. It's quite special to us to share our music in this way–the end goal was always to have a full live show, with myself playing drums & percussion, Hoff on keys & guitar, and Lex front and center singing her songs, eventually going on tour and jumping on the festival circuit. On the music side, we are already knee deep in the writing process of our next EP, and we are loving the new direction–our sound is really coming full circle, and I could say our next release will feature the best elements from our previous work but also continue to push the sound forward into interesting territories and soundscapes.