VIDEO PREMIERE: Ruen Brothers Revive 60s Live Country TV on “All My Shades Of Blue”


Photo Credit: Jacob Blickenstaff

Meet Ruen Brothers, the brotherly duo drawing influence from late 50s, early 60s folk revival music, that have paved the way for today's new trend. They have revived early country heroes like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison into modern pop nostalgia with their bluesy ballads like "All My Shades Of Blue." Premiering the video for "All My Shades Of Blue" here first, Henry and Rupert Stansall of the Ruen Brothers give the trend cinematic life. 

Much like late 50s, early 60s live music television, the brothers bring bright, retro lighting and an almost melancholic camera style together to reflect the style of music they fell in love with as kids. They give, 

"We wanted the mainstay of the video to be 'us performing together, captured in a multi-cam television style.' We love late 60s country music TV, like Waylon Jennings' rendition of 'Delia's Gone' in his bright yellow suit which is super cool. The vibrant-colored lighting changes to reflect the theme and dynamics of the song. We aimed to get the colors to be as striking and rich as those found in 'Singing In The Rain' and 'Mary Poppins' - classics that we think are beautiful." 

And, to signify some modern elements, the video dives into differing views, bringing light to the background of a live TV set. Crew members catching glimpses of the show in between sips of beers and stops for make-up touch-ups only add to the depth of the video. Ruen Brothers give more context, 

"Much like human emotion, there's a 'what's intended to be seen and what isn't' portrayed in the video. For this, we gathered a diverse group of actors to create emotionally varied 'off-set' behind-the-scenes camera vignettes. The video was shot at Be Electric Studios, a couple of blocks away from our Brooklyn apartment - Bushwick being our creative home for the past year."

With Rick Rubin on production, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums, The Killers' Dave Keuning on strings, and Faces and Small Faces' Ian McLagan on keys, "All My Shades Of Blue" is an authentic ode to classic influences. Rick Rubin explains, 

"It's making something new again with these traditional influences. The idea was, what would a modern album with Roy Orbison and The Everly Brothers produced by Phil Spector sound like?"

Hailing from England, Ruen Brothers were heavily influenced by their father's musical collection, rehearsing to The Rolling Stones and The Everly Brothers in the family kitchen. Later, the two would parade around town, gigging at local bars. Their humble beginnings later led to grand radio time when BBC's Zane Lowe spread their track "Aces" like wildfire, sparking a worldwide crush on the Ruen Brothers. 

Experience Ruen Brothers' contemporary twist on retro live music television for yourself and get your first look of their new video, "All My Shades Of Blue," below: