VIDEO PREMIERE: The Lagoons “Escape” Reality on Indie-Pop Anthem


Reflecting on The Lagoons' very first track, "California," brothers Joey and Ryan Selan said, "We wanted to embody the care-free feeling of driving in a convertible along the golden coast." The Lagoons distort indie-pop with hushed jazz, blending rock of the '70s with '80s dance hits. It's little surprise that this unique musical blend has proven what they're best at. With 21 million streams from "California" alone, the brothers' track has landed them some pretty well-known publishing deals. If Netflix's Easy has ever been on your binge-list, you've probably gotten lost in The Lagoons' "California."

The brotherly chemistry between Joey and Ryan brings indispensable appeal, as they compliment each other with different instruments, vocal abilities, and their universal writing style. Much like Michael Franks' Indispensable, the brothers have created a requisite playfulness – bringing us to their latest track, "Escape."

Danceable and light, "Escape" and its corresponding video cast light on adult-ing, using the track to flee the boredom that surrounds it. Premiering with Ones To Watch first, The Lagoons transport us to serene landscapes, eyes focused on a dancer in red. As she grooves to the music, all sense is lost to the beat. "Escape" shines with a hushed intensity. The Lagoons have churned out a freeing, indie-pop anthem. They shared,

"When coming up with the concept for the 'Escape' music video, we wanted to capture that place you go when breaking free from control. This is our rendition of reality versus fantasy."

For your first listen, catch The Lagoons' "Escape" below: