Watch MONOGEM’s Music Video for “Wild,” An Anthem For the Wild and Free

Los Angeles electropop singer-songwriter MONOGEM's latest single, "Wild," is a glossy pop gem. Blending dreamy vocals with fizzing synth and pop beats, "Wild" is a track about letting your hair down and re-igniting your inner spark.

As MONOGEM sings on the refrain:

"Same as I ever was, I do it all because, life's too short to not live wild."

The visual for "Wild" features Courtney Cox's 12-year old daughter, Coco Arquette, and star, Matthew RC Taylor, embarking on a youthful adventure. What starts off as a movie night with popcorn quickly turns into a night of fun costume dress ups, bright neon lights and a dramatic pool scene. The video concludes with Coco and Taylor taking a late-night bike ride. The pair stop at a liquor store, put on ski masks and contemplate robbing the store.

Fun fact: Coco's video debut comes more than three decades after her mom starred in Bruce Springsteen's 1984 music video for "Dancing in the Dark."

Check out the new video for MONOGEM's "Wild" and be on the look out for more new music from MONOGEM soon (hopefully!).