Watch Our First Episode of Full Disclosure ft. DRENGE

To speak of Drenge is committing onomatopoeia; the sound of the word itself calls to mind grime, distemper, broodiness, and, let’s face it, dirty hair. Naturally, Drenge - which also means boys in Danish - is a band that does not beg for attention, but commands it by sheer nature of being. The Loveless brothers knew this when christening themselves and true to form, banged out an impressive collection of post-punk songs embodying all shades of rebellion and moxie on their self-titled record in 2013. On the strength of that album, the band went on a world tour and has shared festival stages with some of the biggest names in rock. We caught up with Drenge to find out for themselves what inspired their angst: watch our first episode of Ones To Watch: Full Disclosure for the story.