We Are “Falling” Head Over Heels for Mansionair’s Newest Single


The latest single from Mansionair sees the Sydney trio looking into their past to create some of their freshest work yet. "Falling" is a heavenly produced fusion of electronic and pop influences that soars to grand heights. One of the first songs the band had ever written, it is brimming with a sense of lightness and joy that simply cannot be matched.

The indie-pop trio's genre-splitting work has gained them a legion of fans outside of their native Australia, including the likes of Odesza, who with for the Grammy-nominated single "Line Of Sight." When the band isn't busy touring alongside, Florence + The Machine, alt-j, and CHVRCHES, they are creating gems like "Falling." Despite a somewhat somber introduction and the downward direction of the song's title, is by no means a song that wallows in sense of despair, sonically or thematically. Backed by an enthralling soundscape that shifts from hypnotic repeated guitar riffs to production that seems to burst forward, the light-as-air vocal stylings of vocalist Jack Froggatt are spellbinding.

The delicateness of "Falling" is a feat to be applauded. An ever-forward looking love number, every surge of production or introduction of a backing vocal makes one feel like they have just fallen in love again for the first time. Delectably sweet with such smile-bringing moments of songwriting as, "I think I'll borrow tomorrow's happiness for today," Mansionair has delivered something uniquely special in "Falling." The trio has given the world a bit of happiness in sonic form.

Listen to "Falling" below:

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