We Have a “Crush” on Hunnah and Her New Cuco-Produced Single


Hunnah may only have three official singles to her name to date, but it is immediately apparent that she is an artist more than capable of bringing a profound sense of vulnerability to the table. The Canadian singer-songwriter originally made a slight stir on SoundCloud with a beautifully raw cover of Cuco's "Lover Is a Day." Now, the Chicano heartthrob has returned the favor, stepping behind-the-scenes to deliver a serene backing production for Hunnah's latest single.

"Crush" is a heavenly daydream given sonic form. The forward-thinking serenade introduces Hunnah as a major force in the world of emotively-laden R&B. As Hunnah charts a path towards romantic self-discovery, there is a palpable shift in the air. Her words are as sweet as honey, all while maintaining a resounding poise. The dreamlike affair is evocative of many classic R&B numbers before it, but the way that Hunnah so candidly muses on her own self-doubts makes it all her own. On the underlying meaning of "Crush," Hunnah shared,

“'Crush’ is me daydreaming about what it would be like if I let my walls down and just honestly told someone how I feel. It’s really about being vulnerable in a way that I find kind of impossible in my real life.”

The hazy confessional serves as the second single off Hunnah's forthcoming debut EP, Show You, which is set to be released in January. Beyond shaping up to be a collection of divine R&B, Show You will also serve as a dedication to Hunnah's late mother who passed away from cancer.

Listen to "Crush" below: