Wednesday's Freshest Hip-Hop Bangers

Hear it here.  

"Came Up" - Tayyib Ali (prod. 3rdeyelover)

The city of Philadelphia needs a musical revival, and that's exactly what the young Tayyib Ali intends to give it.  Ali, since entering the scene 3 years ago, has steadily begun to rise in rank collaborating with notables like Hoodie Allen and backed by high quality production with limitless personal confidence. Make sure to give "Came Up" a close listen both lyrics and production are outstandingly promising. 

"Official" - Rockie Fresh (prod. Hit-Boy)

Maybach's Music veteran Rockie Fresh just released another trap classic titled "Official." In his latest proclamation to his achievments, Rockie reminisces on his quick and sky rocketing success, making sure to give credit when its due offering Rozay, his mentor and patron, a notable shout out. The track's dimensionality is created by the impressive production done by the spirited Hit-Boy whose slight addition of air horns and whistles creates a listening experience evocative of a sporting event.

"Old English" - ft. Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, and A$AP Ferg (prod. Salva and Nick Hook)

The track "Old English" comes to us from the very depths of the "trap world." With production done by Salva, a founding father of EDM trap scene, the track is filled with eerie syncopation emphasized by chop heavy bass. The lyricists of trap creep on to the track with Young Thug slimy chorus followed by versus from Gibbs and Ferg, each respectively representing the trap scene in their city; Atlanta, Chicago, and New York.

"No Option" - Kid Ink ft. King Los

While "No Option" was released months ago with Kid Ink's second studio album My Own Lane, this highly technically executed track failed to get the attention it deserved. If you have yet to give "No Option" a good listen it is a mistake necessary of rectification. Not only does Ink fire lyrical tongue twisters from the start of the track, but as Ink satisfyingly dwells in his verse King Los explodes on the track taking quick advantage of the fast paced production. This explosive production is guaranteed to bring your day up-a-tempo.

"Just About to Lose it" - Jetpack Jones (prod. Brock Berrigan)

Jetpack Jones, an L.A. native, has been active within the underground hip-hop scene recently releasing an EP with his newly crowned executive producer Brock Berrigan titled Shades of Mary. "Just About to Lose It" remains a single separate from the EP, but with production still lead by Berrigan. The track maintains a clear production with vinyl reverb supported by rhythmic snares complimenting the calm and soothing lyrics of Jones.

"Aquaberry Dolphin" - RiFF RAFF ft. Mac Miller (prod. Larry Fisherman)

"Aquaberry Dolphin" is only a track that could spawn from the ridiculousness that is RiFF RAFF and his equally absurd debut album "Neon Icon." With a feature and production by Mac Miller, Larry Fisherman being a pseudonym, this song definitely finds itself in the outrageous. RiFF, per his character, uses his ridiculously diverse vocabulary to conjure fantastic images of "candy paint" dolphins and other aquatic animals. If you have yet to experience the absurdity of RiFF RAFF "Aquaberry Doplhin" provides a well-versed introduction.

"FML" - August Alsina ft. Pusha T

After being presented the Best New Artist award this weekend during the BET Music Awards August Alsina, needless to say, deserved to have at least one song featured on Tracks to Watch. Coincidently "FML," a track from Alsina's latest album Testimony, released the music video this week. The video features rapper Pusha T and Alsina in dark and haunting scenarios staying true to the beautifully twisted nature of the song itself. Alsina is definitely an artist we have our eye on, and someone we encourage everyone to check out.

"They Ain't Ready" - Maryann ft. Takticz

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Maryann tops of this playlist with a track of expert composition. Her voice delicately sifts through the echoing base softly speaking truths of unfettered desires. Takticz continues to impress with his ability to rhythmically camouflage on any genre of production complimenting the seducing lyrics of Maryann. Make sure to keep two eyes on this impressive duo as they attempt to break out of the Central Valley.