We’re Spellbound by Bobi Andonov’s Alluring Debut Single and Music Video, “Apartment”


Newcomer Bobi Andonov has made a grand entrance into the music scene with the release of his debut single and music video, "Apartment." The song and visual captures the intimacy between two lovers while following a slightly darker vein of pop, highlighting the pain and intensity of longing. With the release of just one single, we're already intoxicated by the Australian singer's sultry sound and aesthetics to match.

"Apartment" is mysterious but seductive. After the introduction of Andonov's powerful voice in the verse, his piercing falsetto in the chorus comes as a strong and effective surprise. "Sign your name across my body/Lose your innocence," he sings. With each charged strum of the electric guitar and the rhythm set by the bass and drums, it's clear, however, that the song is more raw than just a generic pop song about love. It's a reminder that love is a powerful force that can beautifully bring two people together, but it can also be crushing and binding. 

The music video is visually just as alluring as it is sonically, and the visuals are able to portray the intensity behind the music. The black and white music video begins with a close-up on Andonov against the static of a TV screen. With mussed hair, a single earring, and a partially unbuttoned shirt, his eyes slowly open upon the first word sung. The camera continuously pans out, revealing layer after layer of Andonov in yet another TV screen. Think Inception meets Twilight Zone

As the camera pans out, we see more of what is actually in the room with Andonov. Broken glass is scattered everywhere. Eventually, we see that a female is present as well, indicated just by her feet, adorned by lacy socks. Finally, we can see her face in the mirror. After this fleeting glimpse, however, you begin to then rapidly dive back into all the different television scenes that have previously been revealed until you're back to the very first shot. The music video ends with the same close-up on Andonov it began with. 

The singer played a heavy role in the creation of the visual, even deciding which the lingerie his co-star wore. "The song is about two people losing themselves in an amazing experience. In the video, she is this beautiful, light presence. And I am the opposite, a dark person corrupting the scene."

Raised in Melbourne, Andonov is of Macedonian descent and is now residing in Los Angeles. With such a unique heritage, he often felt like a cultural outlier growing up. He was able to positively channel this feeling into his music by not being afraid to create a unique sound. "I first saw Purple Rain around age 12. I had never felt that way about an artist before," he says. "Prince just went for it, this 'I'm not for everyone' kind of vibe. I wanted to crack my own little world, where I could be myself." Indeed, the charisma and confidence of Prince is incredibly apparent in "Apartment." Additionally inspired by George Michael and Terence Trent D'Arby, Andonov reveals, "They all had charisma. You couldn't help but look at them. Musically, they were all so fucking sexy. None of these guys were scared to play with masculinity."

Check out the music video for "Apartment" and stream the single below: