We're Watching: Royal Canoe


Ones To Watchers, listen up: Canada’s latest musical offering of note is Royal Canoe, a sprightly six-piece armed with guts, guitars, pedals, and a killer falsetto that stretches your ear far back and tickles it, courtesy of vocalist and guitarist Matt Peters.

If their plucky single “If I Had A House” was the party responsible for hooking our attention with its snappy, vigorous air of DGAF garage rock, it’s perusing their whole album, Today We’re Believers, that reveals they are so. much. more. Traces of experimental jazz and hip-hop beats on “Light” and “Just Enough,” flashes of indie pop, and even seventies disco funk on “Show Me Your Eyes” all try on the hat for a size. It’s noise pop on another level, and if you pared it down to its production’s simplest, nascent moments, it could even shelve itself quite nicely into the mixtape world of Dat Piffs. HMMM. Curious yet?

Listening to Royal Canoe is like listening to your favorite rock station and cranking up the best bits - but removing maybe 65% of the filler noise so that those best bits have space to breathe. To us, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Check ‘em out on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club, and hear more of their music over at SoundCloud