Whethan Drops Glitchy Remix of Post Malone & Justin Bieber’s “Deja Vu”


Is there anything producing savant Whethan cannot do? After first breaking onto the scene with explosive after explosive remixes and flips on Soundcloud while he was still in high school, the waffle-loving wunderkind has never ceased to amaze us. Whether it be teaming up with alt-pop duo Oh Wonder for a track that left us feeling some type of way or casually dropping a bootleg of clairo's viral sensation, "Pretty Girl," Whethan is the gift that keeps on giving.

His latest gracious offering comes in the form of a glitchy remix of Post Malone and Justin Bieber's "Deja Vu." Originally released on Malone's debut album, Stoney, Whethan reimagines "Deja Vu" as an undulating, progressive electronic tour de force that is reminiscent of Flume at his peak. The piece shows an unprecedented level of restraint and finesse, forgoing any major drops or swelling peaks for meticulously, layered production.  

Despite being a "freebie before my first project comes out," the remix is a testament to Whethan's continual growth as an artist and keen sense of inventiveness. For any artist who enters the scene at such a young age, especially in the considerable way Whethan originally did, it is always a fear that they will soon burn out or reach their peak. "Deja Vu" says otherwise, serving as a brilliant showcasing of an electronic artist who is bound to reach the pinnacle of what the genre can produce.

Listen to "Deja Vu" below and make sure to catch him this fall, as he embarks on his "life of a wallflower" tour: