Whethan & Elohim Make the Perfect Summer Match in “Sleepy Eyes”


A quick disclaimer: Kissing someone with your eyes open may not be the best advice ever given, but Elohim and Whethan most certainly make it sound like the best advice out there. "Sleepy Eyes" sees two of our favorite rising stars joining forces for what is set to be an absolute summer jam.

Chicago-based producer, Whethan, who is typically known for his future bass sound seems to be feeling the full effects of summer. Continuing in the trend of his recent release, "Good Nights," Whethan supplies "Sleepy Eyes" with a more subdued backing track that contains flourishes of tropical house. Fluttering across this relaxed wave of synth beats and perfect summer vibes is Los Angeles-based artist Elohim who playfully bounds along the track with a sense of summer love and exploration. 

The combination of Whethan's newfound minimalistic style of production and Elohim's carefree vocals creates a match made in heaven, as "Sleepy Eyes" basks in a radiant summer-tinged glow. Sure to stick in your ear long after its first listen, "Sleepy Eyes" is the perfect fit for any and all your summer listening needs and beyond.

Listen to "Sleepy Eyes" below and keep up to date with Elohim and Whethan on Ones To Watch.