Whethan & Mascolo Provide the Soundtrack for Your Summer Evenings with “Good Nights”


From blowing up on Soundcloud as one of the most exciting up-and-coming producers before even graduating high school, to teaming up with massive names like Flux Pavillion and Charli XCX, Whethan has all the hallmarks of becoming the next big name in the electronic music scene. Recently finishing up a tour alongside The Chainsmokers, Whethan has returned to give us the perfect backing soundtrack for those warm summer evenings under the stars.

"Good Nights" sees Whethan teaming up with Mascolo for a track that takes a different direction than most typical Whethan tracks, opting for understated production over his signature surge of future bass sound. It is this very minimalistic approach that allows for "Good Nights" to shine. Whethan intelligently adds each particular musical element that constitutes "Good Nights" onto one another in careful succession, giving every musical choice a life of its own before allowing them to come together in one fulfilling swell.

The minimalistic style behind "Good Nights" also allows it to accomplish an often difficult feat in electronic music–conveying a sense of somberness while still presenting a song that is highly enjoyable. Looking at the lyrics behind "Good Nights," made possible by Whethan's purposeful choice to diminish the instrumentation for Mascolo's enchanting vocals to become the focal point, one can clearly see that this is not another simple summer anthem. "Good Nights" is dual parts glimmering mid-evening summer anthem and somber summer heartbreak jam.

Listen to Whethan's "Good Nights" featuring Mascolo below.