Why We Can't Wait For The Fault In Our Stars

Well, there are a lot of great films to get excited over right now. It is, after all, about to be the summer of blockbusters. But while there’s Spiderman and that one Seth McFarlan western divvying our interests, there’s one that we actually cannot wait to get in line for this weekend: The Fault In Our Stars, based on the novel by John Green. As you can imagine, this has a lot to do with the flying rumors that this film can reduce anything with a pulse to a box of soggy Kleenex - and also the soundtrack. 

Okay, first of all, there’s this awesome new music video by Charli XCX for her featured song, “Boom Clap.” It’s almost worth going to see the movie just to watch this song unfold in one glorious moment.

Charli XCX - Boom Clap - Music - More Music Videos
In addition to Lykke Li, STRFKR, and Jake Bugg, we were excited to see Ones To Watch artists Kodaline and Birdy contributed songs to the film’s score.
The earnest fellows of Kodaline had a gem of a ballad since the second they penned the verse “our love was made for movie screens.” It’s no wonder the song “All I Want” was chosen for the film, as it truly is worthy of every love story that ended up in heartbreak. 

That Birdy appears not once, not twice, but three times on the soundtrack is testament to just how perfectly her shy, impassioned vocals lend themselves to the teenage story. Having just turned 18 herself, she’s the only artist to have a hand in more than one song in the soundtrack, which is remarkable in itself. Hear “Tee Shirt” and “Not About Angels” below. 

Birdy also teamed up with American artist Jaymes Young for “Best Shot” which appears as a bonus track on the soundtrack. 

And there you have it:  proof that over here, we’re drawn to movies because of, not in spite of, their soundtracks!