Winston Surfshirt Rises To The Occassion With “For The Record”


After their smash debut album Sponge Cake, Winston Surfshirt is spreading their unique sound once again. Unable to leave 2018 without releasing more music, the group has put out their groovy new song "For The Record."

"For The Record" is a lovely blend of old-school funk with modern influences of R&B and hip-hop. The track showcases the band's smooth, brassy sound while also capturing a jazzy sway that highlights the song's steady rhythm and captivating instrumental layers. Not missing a beat with their lyrical rap flow, Winston Surfshirt rides the tune with effortless lines of imagery and emotion.

"For The Record" is a modern love song that reiterates the need to make your loved one feel special and appreciated. Mentioning how they "don't wanna miss another second" and "there's no one else," the group admits to needing to get "sentimental" over their need to become the better person in the relationship.

The six-piece, Sydney-based is effortlessly blending funk, soul, and hip hop to create a new form of euphoric music. With vocal fans like Sir Elton John, Zane Lowe (Beats1), and Jason Bentley (KCRW), the vibrant group is gradually moving from their underground realm in Australia and into the light.