With Shallou, ‘All Becomes Okay’

Photo: Kristina Pedersen

An ambient undertone, vibes that dig deep from a melodic core, and otherworldly beats that mesh together with ease: this is Shallou. His All Becomes Okay debut EP is the perfect balance of two genres that don't tend to mesh together, just the right amount of upbeat dance beats and mellow indie vocals. 

Hailing from Chicago, Shallou has quickly gained popularity with over 3 million total plays on Spotify. He evoked a compelling fusion between relaxation and dance, a sound that one could easily party to and fall asleep to in the same sitting. 

Perfect for studying, focusing, or just having a relaxing night in with a glass of wine and good companions, Shallou rings with the slight similarities to Bon Iver with his intentionally unrecognizable lyrics, but he sets himself apart with mood-setting beats. It's relaxing in nature, but also provides an incredible ambiance to boost your energy throughout the day.

A quick google search of Shallou's name comes with little to no results, while his website boasts the tag line, "Shallou produces happy sad dance music"–the perfect description for his overall aesthetic. The tones and melodies set forth by Shallou ring true to lounge house vibe, while the vocals show more of a personal and emotional side to his craft. 

In addition to his EP, All Becomes Okay, Shallou has produced remixes and even a cover of Radiohead's "Motion Picture Soundtrack." All together, Shallou's current selection is enough to keep us on our toes until his next release, and hopefully a live tour in the near future.

Listen to All Becomes Okay below.