Woman Crush Wednesday: Lily Allen


Because making your musical comeback after birthing a child is hard enough as is with all the public scrutiny surrounding a) the state of your body b) the state of your music, we’re so digging the Lily Allen comeback right about now.

Yesterday, the sassy smart Brit made headlines with her video for “Hard Out Here,” which prodded light fun at twerking while simultaneously dropping raw commentary on the ridiculous state of gender double standards - effectively backing Miley Cyrus’ case for all the scrutiny she’s received for her VMAs performance. It was casually blasé but so effective by alluding to the most widely recognized centerpieces in this year’s discussion of gender norms (Robin Thicke and Cyrus) to make her point. What’s more - today Allen sticks to her guns by shooting down those saying she pulled a Miley herself by choosing her backup dancers - who were used to prove a point in the video about the expectations of female entertainers - due to their skin color. Go girl.