World Cup Tweets from Musicians


We saw Germany massacring Brazil in soccer today. Although not many stars tweet about the game, we’ve compiled a list of artists who did! Check out what they had to say about the latest game.

^Tweeted from English DJ, composer and remixer.

Tweeted from pop princess Rihanna before the game. We all know who she was rooting for.

^Tweeted from Alesso. His four words pretty much describes what we all felt after the game.

^Tweeted from The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran. Expressing sadness, but still keeping the etiquette of losing.

^#classyTweet from Hard Rock Sofa. These Russian DJs share the sadness with Siva.

^Tweeted from London hip-hop artist Fekky. We see the saddest Brazilian soccer fan.

^Tweeted from RAC. Although David Luiz’ crying image is going viral, RAC reminds us to remember that one time when Cristiano Ronaldo also wept in the field.

^We know…he’s not exactly a musician, but he’s still a star.