Yaeji’s “Therapy” Is As Intimate As It Is Danceable


Yaeji is the creation of Kathy Yaeji Lee, a New York and Seoul-based vocalist and producer who is currently crafting some of the most fascinating work in house music. House has seen a surging revival in the mainstream as of late, due in large part to the deep house and pop stylings of artists like Disclosure, but in the underground scenes a few newcomers are taking an entirely different approach to the genre. Foregoing the pop leaning or robust vocals popular in most realms of house, Yaeji brings a hushed and serene sense of vocal feeling to the genre.

Yaeji's latest single, "Therapy," and its accompanying video, couples this newfound hushed house vocal styling with an equally intimate self-directed video to match. Shot entirely through a fisheye lens on what very well may have been an iPhone, the video chronicles Yaeji's daily life, from the seemingly mundane to those special moments in between. Everything is present in its brief entirety–trips to grab coffee, walking her dog, hanging out with friends, working on art projects, and, perhaps most importantly, creating music.

For "Therapy" not only serves as an exploration of Yaeji's daily life but as an analysis on the creative process of her music itself. Comprising Korean stanzas, which are translated to English via the music video, "Therapy" poses the question, "the process of creating something / Isn't it so tiring sometimes." Self-reflective in nature, it ponders on the act of creation, begging the question if the therapeutic element present is a result of the creation itself, the moments taken away from the act of creating, or a combination of everything in its entirety. At its heart, "Therapy" is a beautiful yet somewhat melancholic house song delivered with tranquil vocals and an enticing backing pulse.

Watch Yaeji's self-directed video for "Therapy" below: