YEИDRY Is Breaking Down Barriers With “NENA”


Music has always been a way to bring people together. The past few years have seen explosions in the popularity of K-pop and Latin artists, proving good music knows no boundaries, language or otherwise. Social media is making the world smaller, uniting people from different backgrounds and providing a collective common ground for a new breed of artists.

YEИDRY is the embodiment of a cultural melting pot, growing up between the Dominican Republic and Italy. With musical influences ranging from '90s pop-R&B, traditional Latin music, to electronic music, she is carving out a lane in music that is all her own. Despite singing predominantly in Spanish, her storytelling ability transcends any language barrier. 

Her latest release, "NENA" is a Latin-infused ballad with R&B elements sprinkled throughout. It tells a story of sacrifice and the unconditional love that a mother has for her child. In YEИDRY's own words,

"Many immigrant mothers leave their children to go find better opportunities; but while they may end up missing special years of motherhood, it's because they're trying to be the best parent they can be, working hard for their child's future. 'NENA' is about a mother sending her daughter a blessing from afar."

Between her wide range of influences and her undeniable talent, it is impossible to confine YEИDRY to any one genre, further proving labels are overrated. It's impossible to guess what her next song will sound like, but we will definitely be listening.

Listen to "NENA" below: