Yellow Days Explores The Confines of Genre In Latest Single, “What’s It All For?”


George Van Den Broek, popularly known by the moniker, "Yellow Days," is a 19-year-old up and comer from Haslemere, England. His sound could be compared to the likes of Honne or Mac DeMarco–based in jazz chords, featuring the delightfully lazy quality of bedroom pop, but with slightly more grit. On the tails of a sold-out UK and European show, as well as his recent single, "How Can I Love You?," Yellow Days is gracing us with another emotional banger, "What's It All For?" Subject to over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, the young artist is making his mark with incredible finesse, keeping offbeat instrumentation at the forefront of his sound.

Yellow Days could very well be from an alternate universe. His angular, youthful appearance contrasts the indulgently rich timbre of his voice, which grounds his feathery, playful production. Meanwhile, the background vocals featured are stacked and eerily falsetto, adding yet more layers to the song. "What's It All For?" is driven by a hard groove, with bass bubbling over jazzy chords on verses. He hits riffs throughout the song that seem impossible to recreate, adding to the timeless quality of his sound. The song ends with a synth-y woodwind-style solo, floating over tinny guitar strums and a whirring blend of background elements. He sings,

"You say everything's fine

But I don't believe you baby

Feels like something's wrong

There must be something wrong?"


Want to see Yellow Days on tour? It might still be possible to snag a ticket to one of the show dates below. In the meantime give "What's It All For" some streaming TLC.

7th November - Slim's, San Francisco - SOLD OUT

9th November - Kilby Court, Salt Lake City - SOLD OUT

10th November - Larimer Lounge, Denver - SOLD OUT

12th November - Lincoln Hall, Chicago - SOLD OUT

14th November - Lee's Palace, Toronto - SOLD OUT

15th November - Casa Del Popolo, Montreal - SOLD OUT

16th November - The Sinclair Music Hall, Boston - SOLD OUT

17th November - Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York - SOLD OUT

18th November - Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York - SOLD OUT

19th November - First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia - SOLD OUT

20th November - Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington DC - SOLD OUT