Yellow Days’ “How Can I Love You?” Sets the UK Virtuoso Far Apart From His Peers

Photo: Giovanni Corabi

George van den Broek, more popularly known by the moniker Yellow Days, entered the music scene at the tender age of 17. With a series of releases that transcended his age, the UK artist received ample and much-deserved comparisons to the likes of King Krule and Mac Demarco. But his latest efforts have seen him carve out a niche for himself in the ever-shifting landscape of indie virtuosos, outstripping any simple comparisons.

"How Can I Love You?," which follows the release of "The Way Things Change," is a hypnotic exploration of jazz's love affair with the indie scene that sets Yellow Days far apart from his peers. Opening on a loose jazz piano evocative of a smoky lounge room stuck out of place in time and space, this is a Yellow Days that displays an unprecedented mastery of his craft. It is a magnificent backdrop for Yellow Day's distinctive vocals, a backdrop that continues to mesmerize to even greater effect as the song progresses.

The smooth-as-molasses vocal stylings of Yellow Days atop a background of jazz-infused production creates an inimitable vibe that hearkens back to an era in music far beyond that of UK musician or most of his devoted fanbase. It is a period that is often romanticized yet rarely reinvented this beautifully. For "How Can I Love You?," is so much more than a faithful recontextualization of classic jazz and blues standards. It takes a tradition of the past and morphs it something that feels like it could have only been created today and by an artist with a deft a hand as Yellow Days.

Listen to "How Can I Love You?" below and catch Yellow Days on tour throughout the UK, EU, and US: