Yellow Days Unveils Raw Emotion on Smokey, Sultry “I Believe In Love”


Like a lone wolf crying to the moon, George van den Broek (aka Yellow Days) opens "I Believe In Love" with a gritty howl. Listeners can almost physically feel the depth of emotion from the genre-blending, 18-year-old UK producer's latest track. His soulful message resonates intensely as he sings, "It hurts because I need you so bad… / I feel it 'cause it's real… / I believe in love."

Yellow Days croons about the consuming power of love over swaggering drums, spacey guitar tones, and swirling synths. His strained, painful vocals and energy seem to let on a maturity of someone with a sea of life experience to drown in. Modern production tinged with indie psych-rock stylistic elements sets Yellow Days apart from the crowd as an innovative young artist sure to continue entrancing fans as his career develops.

Is Everything OK In Your World?, his upcoming project off label Good Years, is set to release at the end of October.