Yoke Lore Teams Up With His Brother, Noah Galvin, to Create Thoughtful Music Video for “Ride”


Trying to get through a summer heart break? Then you can certainly related with the star-crossed lovers in Yoke Lore's music video for "Ride." Noah Galvin, star of Broadway's Dear Evan Hansen took on the director role for his brother’s music video. 

Adrian Galvin -a.k.a. Yoke Lore- is a multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and visual artist. He was a former member of Walk the Moon, transitioning into a solo endeavor focused on experimenting with his vocals and percussion. "Ride" is a single from his upcoming EP, Absolutes, set to release on July 27. From what we've heard thus far, the collection is filled with heartfelt anthems, while breaking through the notion that truth necessitates purity.

Describing the meaning behind the video, Noah explained: 

“Too often at the end of a relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, there is no real moment of farewell. Perhaps this is due to fear. I'd like to think goodbyes would be less scary if we ritualized them in some way. 'Ride' is about giving a relationship a proper burial… punctuating an ending that often goes unpunctuated.”

This LGBTQ+ video is a great example of a relationship ending with zero closure. The chemistry between the women in the video is absolutely radiant, and it is quite depressing to see it turn to ashes. Yoke Lore adds,

"There have always been rituals to commemorate, not just the death of someone, but to prepare them for the next place and task. Our fire is this fire. It is a fire to make something new where something had grown old. It’s a controlled burn of a portion of each self. You don’t want to scorch the earth, but dead things feed the future.“

Yoke Lore delivers each lyric thoughtfully while he welcomes the listener, no matter who you love, to say goodbye once and for all.