Yoste Strikes a Profound Balance Between James Blake & Bon Iver  in “Arc”


The internet is a strange yet magical place; you never know what you'll stumble upon in the late hours of the night. This time around, it was the talents of the young and astonishingly gifted producer and musician, Kurt Sines. The 22-year-old Australian producer and songwriter is the person behind the Yoste moniker, under which he gives life to some of the most beautiful and transcendent sonic textures in recent memory. And he has done so yet again with his latest single, "Arc."

It's difficult to figure out where exactly to start with Yoste and "Arc." The comparisons to James Blake and Bon Iver come readily and easily. While the parallels can certainly be drawn, this is an artist undeniably crafting something entirely his own. "Arc" is sentimental and touching with its sense of profound intimacy, yet simultaneously powerful and compelling in its inherently tranquil nature. Yoste's vocals are a large reason for this seemingly dualistic effect, as the softly-sung vocals resound to fill the space completely from their first introduction.


Another area in particular where Yoste most certainly excels with "Arc" is the way in which he capitalizes on the most delicate of instruments to paint a striking sonic picture. From Yoste's yearning vocals that seem to linger even after the song's finish to the reverberating instrumentation that layers seamlessly and beautifully, the entirety of it all mixes together perfectly to leave the listener with a sense of exploring a constantly evolving sonic daydream. As for what led Yoste to "Arc," the artist explained the process as such,

"The road to ‘Arc’ is littered with almost-good-enough ideas. I was like a blocked stream and suddenly I had to get it all out at once. It was tortuous but the result was cathartic, and resulted in 'Arc’ coming together over the course of just one day."

Yoste defines his moniker as, "Yoste like Lost." If "Arc" is to serve as any indication, the aforementioned description rings out as a true contradiction. Yoste is certainly nowhere near lost when it comes to making spellbinding works of art, but one can certainly find themselves easily lost in the beauty of the creations that Yoste breathes life into.

Stream "Arc" below and look out for Yoste's debut EP due out later this year via Akira Records: