Yoste’s “Blue” Is an Impeccable Addition to the World of Emotive Electronic Music


Outside of the occasional offerings from James Blake, the world of downtempo electronic music has been sorely lacking in novel additions. Australian-artist Yoste is seeking to change that. With only a handful of singles to his name, he has already left an impression with his distinctive brand of atmospheric electronica. Today sees the Australian artist adding another much-welcomed imprint on the world of emotionally and electronic-tinged music.

"Blue" is spellbinding in nature. Built around a series of reverberant instrumentation, listening to "Blue" is to allow yourself to be transported to another world entirely. It's the sort of music that would score that picture-perfect moment where you're gazing at a starlit night and just so happen to witness a falling star. Yet, Yoste's innate talent for crafting works of undeniable beauty does not diminish his skill for injecting those fine works with a sense of profound emotional weight. Within Yoste's ethereal vocals, one will find a heart-rending tinge of the melancholic.

Yoste's meditations on love and regret fill his hypnotic soundscape for a song that resonates with a serene sense of strength. It can be heard in the quieter moments of "Blue," where the Australian artist gently croons, "It doesn't matter what we said / Leave the flowers in the dust / I can't remember what it meant / Only that I wrote it for both of us." The heart-aching nature of the lyrics transforms "Blue" from a lovely soundscape rife for exploration to an expansive sonic work of art that one can connect to on a deeply personal level. This is the work of an artist whose true talent lies not in his knack for crafting breathtaking soundscapes but in how he imbues them with such a range of emotional depth.  

Listen to "Blue" below and keep an eye out for Yoste's debut EP, try to be okay, due out February 19: