You Have to “Listen” to Ambar Lucid’s Mesmerizing Addition to the ‘Skate Kitchen’ Soundtrack


It feels like Ambar Lucid will never cease to surprise and amaze us. With each new release, we have to remind ourselves that this is not the work of a well-seasoned veteran but that of a 17-year-old self-taught artist. Her latest release "Listen" is yet another spellbinding demonstration of both her innate talent and vast potential.

"Listen" arrives as the third single from the Skate Kitchen soundtrack, preceded by clairo's "Heaven" and Omar Apollo's "Today." Lucid's ethereal brand of bedroom pop makes her a perfect fit amongst her soundtrack cohorts. In fact, it is not a far stretch to say that beyond merely inhabit a similar space as clairo and Apollo, Luicid is poised to join the ranks of similar bedroom artists turned worldwide phenomena. After all, who can question the matter upon hearing her float through "Listen" in angelic fashion.

While bedroom pop has long left its impression thought its distinctive brand of raw production and vocals records, something that "Listen" retains in the fuzz that permeates the track, one aspect of the song, in particular, is elevated beyond all others. That element being Lucid's profound vocal talents. Crooning and belting with the prowess of a soulful expert, it's difficult to dispel the belief that Lucid has not been doing this for ages. And while she may be fresh-faced to the scene, one thing is certain. If Lucid keeps on delivering tracks like "Listen," she is bound to become a veteran in the music world.

Listen to "Listen" below: