You Would Have to Be “Clueless” to Not Love This New Song From The Marías


Photo: Meghan Cummings

From announcing their long-awaited sophomore project Superclean Vol. II, releasing the hypnotic track “Cariño,” to announcing a joint Ones To Watch presented tour with Triathalon, the past month has been a busy and welcomed return for Los Angeles’ sexiest band, The Marías. Their latest offering comes in the form of the second single from Superclean Vol. II, “Clueless.”

A sonic delight that feels like it came out of an illuminated dance floor in the ‘70s, “Clueless” sees The Marías homing in on their trademark sound while exploring newfound thematic territory. The blend of groovy psychedelia, dream pop, and softly sung R&B vocals have become a defining mark of The Marías, but the way in which the band leverages the fusion on “Clueless” is nothing short of sublime.

Behind the traded ethereal verses of lead singer María and drummer Josh Conway, there lingers not the sentiment of the typical sweet-nothings or outright affection, but the tale of an unfaithful lover. Satirically told from the perspective of the lover who has done wrong, The Marías has crafted a tale of love falling apart that is as mesmerizing and seductive as the best of any of their most heart-filled numbers. Perhaps that’s the true beauty of The Marías. Whatever the subject matter may be, if it’s a matter of the heart, you can expect that The Marías will deliver the perfect retro backing soundtrack for it.

Listen to “Clueless” below and keep and be sure to catch The Marías on tour with Triathalon this fall: