YUNGBLUD and Charlotte Lawrence Brave the End of the World in the “Falling Skies” Video


Two of our favorite artists have joined forces to deliver a somber, transfixing song on love and destruction. Los Angeles native Charlotte Lawrence joins politically-minded alterative rocker YUNGBLUD for the visual accompaniment of their previously released single, “Falling Skies.” The single, which was released as a part of the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 soundtrack, sees the two young artists at their most polished.

Sonically, “Falling Skies” is a departure from much of YUNGBLUD’s work, opting for a more pop-leaning approach. That is not to say the song is lacking substance, rather the welcomed departure strikes all the rights chords. Equal parts moving love song and statement about where the world seems like its heading, “Falling Skies” is resolute in its intention to create something greater than just an exceptional song. The way that YUNGBLUD switches at the drop of the hat from melancholic musings to rapid-fire, panicked delivery perfectly embodies the worries and fears of this generation. Then there’s Lawrence’s delicate, airy vocals that give off the impression of there being something precious and irreplaceable that we risk losing.

On the making of the video, YUNGBLUD shared, 

“I wanted to do something different with this video. It needed to be almost like a movie, hence shooting it on film. I wanted to depict a dystopian future where every world leader had ‘hit the red button.’ We are the last two people on earth, have nothing left so the only thing I can give her is the last cigarette in my back pocket - a YUNGBLUD version of a love song.”

The accompanying video builds brilliantly on the song’s underlying theme, placing YUNGBLUD and Lawrence in a desolated wasteland. As if they are the two last people in the world, scavenging to survive, the picture they paint is one of Mad Max-tinged beauty. Yet, the video is irrefutably grounded in reality, as for a single moment the camera pans over a newspaper with the headline, “WAR! Trump and World Leaders Launch Nuclear Missiles.” The moment transforms every uttered lyric, so when YUNGBLUD sings “So hold me close / Don’t let me go / Let’s smoke a cigarette before the world explodes,” it comes off as less melodramatic and more so as the only option for two people when the world has quite literally been stolen from them.

Watch the video “Falling Skies” below: