YUNGBLUD - “California” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

As an artist speaking up for the youth of 2018 and beyond, it was our pleasure to invite YUNGBLUD perform a stripped-back rendition of his standout single "California" against the scenic New York skyline. And be sure to stick around as we speak to YUNGBLUD about creating a community based around music, how people incorrectly perceive his generation, and so much more. Oh, and did we mention he managed to deliver a moving performance all while having a broken leg? 

Equally inspired by the likes of literary-minded songwriter Bruce Springsteen as he is by the emotive rock-minded choruses of My Chemical Romance, YUNGBLUD is an artist with a refined musical and societal vision. The critically-applauded UK artist has amassed an avid following in the course of just over a year, releasing his debut album 21st Century Liability in the summer of 2018. The impressive debut album signaled a newfound voice in the world of alternative rock, one that was nigh impossible to ignore.


Perhaps it's the way in which YUNGBLUD boldly speaks on prevalent societal issues that have earned him praise from both fans and critics alike. Whether you're a fan of the UK rock star in the making for the way in which he tackles gun violence, date rape, and mental health or how he is ushering in a new wave of punk with pop influence, it is clear as day that YUNGBLUD musically embodies the ideals of a new generation.

Discover more of YUNGBLUD's music here, and catch him on tour throughout Europe this winter.