YUNGBLUD Captures the Raucous Energy of His Live Show in “California” Video


"I fucking love each and every one of you so fucking much, man," belts out YUNGBLUD. It is this audio clip that the opens up the politically-minded artist's music video for "California," and in many ways is the perfect encapsulation of the rising UK star as an artist. Drawing comparisons to everything from My Chemical Romance to the outspoken figures of the thought-to-be-dead UK punk scene, YUNGBLUD is an artist defined by his love for his fans, social-consciousness, and riotous live shows.

Directed by Spencer Miller and filmed during his 2018 "21st Century Liability" North America tour, including a stop at this year's Lollapalooza, the music video for "California" is a nonstop thrill ride from start to finish. Following the alternative artist's first North American headline tour, it captures the innate fervor of YUNGLUBD's music. Whether it be in small venues or festival stages, you will see YUNGBLUD breaking guitars (and his ankle) and playing like it was his last show on earth. It is an electrifying sight to behold. YUNGBLUD spoke with The 405 on his vision for bringing "California" to life,

"I just wanted to create a completely honest account of my first headline tour across America. It shows the ups, downs, madness, sadness and energy of the most insane tour of my life. The unity between me and my fan base is really special to me and I wanted to capture that time in our journey together - even if it was just for myself, it's a total bonus that I get to release it to the world! I'm about to drop a live album but I wanted to portray the visual experience of what the show is like - I want you to feel like you're there.“

Despite all the wild and outrageous moments that make up the tour recap, the ones that are the most intimate. It is the times spent embracing fans, leading them in chants, laughing backstage, and insisting that the show goes on in spite of a broken ankle that paints YUNGBLUD as an artist worth championing as the future of alternative.

Watch the video for "California" below and experience it for yourself on YUNGBLUD's forthcoming UK/EU tour:

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