YUNGBLUD’s Video for “Medication” Will Leave You Saying “What the F**k”


YUNGBLUD is an artist who does not know the meaning of the word “rest.” Coming hot off the heels of his socio-politically-charged debut album, 21st Century Liability, the English alternative rocker has released an absolute trip of a music video for “Medication.”

Imagine if Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas met the pastel-saturated world of Wes Anderson, and you may arrive somewhere near YUNGBLUD’s “Medication.” The song which takes a satirical and consequently dark approach to the growing epidemic of prescription medication is beyond simply infectious; it’s captivating. Pointedly tackling a serious issue with a visual accompaniment you cannot ignore, YUNGBLUD fully demands your attention. For all those who say punk is dead, look no further than here.

YUNGBLUD spoke on what he hoped to accomplish with the video for “Medication.”

“Shining a light on darkness happening in the real world, yet leaving people thinking ‘what the fuck did I just watch?’”

It’s a jarring viewing experience that is only heightened by its rapid editing cuts. Much in the same vein of the music YUNGBLUD makes, the underlying content of “Medication” is a difficult pill to swallow, but he presents it in such a way that it cannot help but go down easy.

Watch the video for “Medication” below: