Zack Gray Climbs to New Atmospheric Heights with the Soulful “Imperfect Love”


It has been quite a year for Zack Gray. Releasing single after single and receiving praise on each one, Gray is working even harder to establish himself as a genre-bending dynamic vocalist. His newest single, "Imperfect Love," sees Gray stretching his soulful vocal range to brand new heights.

The single's enticing approach helps explore the honesty and vulnerability two lovers have to go through when not all is perfect in a relationship. The R&B flavor creates a atmospheric setting that emphasizes the vulnerability of the lyrics. Gray's soulful vocals pack the punch of honesty that sets this single apart.

Currently based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Zack Gray tirelessly creates solo singles while also being featured on releases from buzzing names like HEX COUGAR, Chill Nation's Paix, and Lowly Palace's MÜNE throughout 2018. With collaborations quickly catching fire and hitting millions of views on YouTube, there's no denying that 2018 is only the beginning for Zack Gray. You can catch him on tour this fall.

Listen to "Imperfect Love" below: