Zak Abel and Saweetie Make for Excellent Bedfellows in “You Come First”


There is a favorite quote about politics and the making of strange bedfellows, but in this case, strange bedfellows make for an excellent collaboration. British artist Zak Abel is known for crafting upbeat, joyous of pop-infused soul, while Bay Area rapper Saweetie is making a name for herself making club-worthy bangers filled with spitfire verses. Together, the two of them have delivered a funk-filled gem that is full of life and double entendre.

"You Come First" is a jubilant expression and celebration of how we ought to treat the people closest to us. Across an array of bubbly production, accented by delectable guitar licks and whistles, Abel floats across the track with an unmatched spirit of vivacity. Saweetie may not make her grand entrance until the latter portion of "You Come First," but she sticks the landing with an impeccable grace. Her rapid-fire flow makes clever use of double entendre and that discloses a different side of "You Come First." On the underlying meaning of the track and working with Saweetie, Abel shared,

“This song is about priorities. It’s about putting your lover first - a matter very close to my heart. I’m so happy that Saweetie is on the track. She completely understood where I was coming from and the feel of the track, and subsequently killed her verse.”

"You Come First" should be taken at face value. As Abel and Saweetie make apparent in an exceptional three-minute collaboration, perhaps one of the most important aspects of loving an excellent partner is making sure that they come first, in all regards. For those of you too young or unaware to get that last part, just know that "You Come First" is a track that finds an unmatched spirit thanks to an unlikely collaboration.

Listen to "You Come First" below: