Zimmer and Panama Deliver a Lush Sonic Rollercoaster With “Wildflowers” [PREMIERE + Q&A]


It takes a special quality for a track to truly feel alive, to feel as if it is evolving and growing with each passing moment. Parisian DJ and producer Zimmer's latest track "Wildflowers," released via Roche Musique, is one of those spellbinding tracks. On "Wildflowers" Zimmer crafts an electronic exploration on minimalism, dance floor aesthetics, and nature. Assisted by Panama, Zimmers builds around lush, constantly evolving production for a song that can be equally championed as the solitary rumination of an exceptionally talented producer and a song fit for crowded, undulating dance floors.

"It's intimate and at the same time a wide-open look on the outside world," shares Zimmer on "Wildflowers." It is under this lens that the Parisian DJ and producer brought to life a track that has taken on a life of its own. As if to mimic its subject matter, "Wildflowers" takes on an innate pristine and beautiful quality–one that grows freely and continues to grow with each passing observance.

In addition to having the honor to premiere "Wildflowers" from Zimmer's forthcoming album, we also had the pleasure delve deeper into the making of the spellbinding track, what's to come on the full album, and what fans can expect on Zimmer's upcoming North American tour.

OTW: When and where were you when you came upon the initial inspiration for "Wildflowers?"

Zimmer: I wrote the instrumental of Wildflowers in Los Angeles on a gloomy winter afternoon of 2017. I was on a writing trip to get away from the cold of Paris. It's actually the first instrumental I made in my album sessions, it was very quick and spontaneous.

OTW: You and Panama find a wonderful synergy in "Wildflowers." How did the collaboration come about?

Zimmer: I've been a fan for years! I actually saw Jarrah [Panama] play in Paris a while ago, but I didn't get the chance to talk to him then. I emailed him last year with a bunch of demos, and when he got back I was thrilled. I think in just two back and forths it was done. It was very fluid.

OTW:  "Wildflowers" is featured on your upcoming debut album, which marks your most expansive project to date. What is it about now that led you to your first full-length album?

Zimmer: After releasing several singles, remixes and EPs, I felt ready last year as a musician to write a full album. My career started as soon as I got into producing, so it took a little while the learn and grow as a producer and musician. Also, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted the album to be. The album is an artistic format where you can be much more radical because you have more time. I wanted that.


OTW: Is there an overarching theme on the forthcoming album? And if so, where does "Wildflowers" fit into that?

Zimmer: My album is about peaks. Those few seconds were everything aligns, and you let go. I keep on trying to get that sensation in my music. It's also about duality: It's a love letter to the dance floor and a soundtrack to wandering around alone at night. It's made for one but it's also made for a crowd to come together and unite. And I think there's this duality in "Wildflowers." The start is very sparse and minimal, and at the end, it becomes very lush and orchestrated. I want my music to be a rollercoaster.

OTW: You're set to embark on your debut North American tour in a matter of days. What can fans expect?

Zimmer: I'll be on stage with my synths and machines. We've developed a special light installation, where everything I play has been mapped. Having the vision of my music translated to lights changes everything. It's a lot more immersive.


OTW: Who are your Ones To Watch?

Zimmer: A young producer from Belgium I just discovered called Supreems, Ghostly Kisses a singer with a wonderful voice (who I'm touring with in Canada) and a band from LA called Ardency.