Alternative / Indie-Rock / Rock


  • From: Adelaide, South Australia
  • Related Artists: Ceres, Jimmy Eat World, Microwave, Title Fight

Colourblind are the band you are front row for. Singing every single word, embracing your best mates - all the right moves for a cathartic experience, which has shone the band out of their home-town into the national spotlight. Their 2018 EP ‘Move Like You’ continues to resonate with fans, selling out rooms, overpowering the band screaming each lyric. Support of ‘Move Like You’ is growing, accumulating over 1 million streams with no signs of slowing down. The release followed with a string of supports with Grinspoon, Clowns, BUGS, These New South Whales, Good Boy and Carb on Carb (NZ). Drip-feeding stand alone singles ‘Seatbelt’ and ‘Changing Seasons’ in 2020-21, colourbilnd return with ‘Longsleeves’, a contrast to prior releases, guaranteed to re-ignite that homely feeling, making the return to the live stage even more sweet.


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