6 Uplifting Verses in ADÉ’s  ‘Always Something’ feat. Lil Baby, Goldlink, Fatman Scoop, & More


Photo: Tim Saccenti

ADÉ, originally known as Phil Adé, has produced independent mixtapes and collaborated with rappers like Logic and Mac Miller. In 2013, he started to focus on his own career, writing with a variety of artists and honing in on his sound. In 2017, he released his solo single "No Fear" featuring Tate Koband and Saba Abraha, which received over half-a-million streams online. But when 2019 rolled around, the rapper decided to start fresh, removing all of his previous music and social content from the wed and even changing his stage name to ADÉ.

ADÉ just released the first EP under his new moniker and with his new label, Epic Records. The Always Something EP is full of crisp beats and clever wordplay. ADÉ brought out some of his famous friends when creating Always Something, with almost every track featuring someone new.

The rapper shared on the inspiration behind EP's title,

"As I was recording, I kept thinking about the phrase 'Always Something.' I found a deeper meaning. In life, you're met with negatives, and you're met with positives. From my experience, I've always been able to have more peace and progress when I am focused on whatever good is going on in my life. When it seems like everything going on is negative, it's easier to move forward when you are focused on the upside. There's always something  to remain positive about."

With this EP swirling with an abundance of talent and positivity, we highlighted six uplifting verses from Always Something:

A Playful Reminder to Be Yourself in "Play Something"

The EP starts with "Play Something," a midtempo track but with an upbeat energy. The lyrics are catchy, cunning and set a precedent for the rest of the EP. In the middle of the song ADÉ sings,

"What you hear is what you get
Nothing to authenticate
Finish with that interstate
It’s overnight flights, now
Seen every movie on the plane like twice now."

The verse reminds listeners to be true to themselves and success will eventually follow. ADÉ has been grinding to produce a sound that he's proud to put his name on for years, but his music has been consistently authentic which has helped him garner his success and genuine friends to collaborate with.

Advice to Do Things Your Own Way in "Something New" (ft. Lil Baby)

"Something New" featuring Lil Baby follows up next, with more traditional rap beats. But ADÉ hasn't had the most traditional lead up to the release of his EP. He started fresh on social media and on streaming platforms, and he's doing whatever he feels is best for him both musically and personally – and that's what he's advising listeners to do in this song. The rapper encourages people to do whatever they think is right for themselves. Throw away any precedents or rules and go with what you deem necessary to achieve your goals. ADÉ raps,

"There’s no breaking out
Without breaking rules
That’s a different round
My way up in to prove"

A Plea to Remember Where You Come From in "Something For Nothin" (ft. Rich The Kid)

Halfway through the EP is the lively "Something For Nothin" (ft. Rich The Kid). ADÉ and Rich The Kid rap about their achievements but they also share their modest upbringings. This song serves as a reminder to stay humble and to remember where you came and who helped you get to where you are today. In the chorus are the lines,

"Now they know me
Tokyo to Tennessee
Same homies
Kept the same energy"

An Honest Reassurance in "Something's Up"

This track has a different sound from the rest of the EP. ADÉ gives off R&B vibes in "Something's Up." He opens up to a girl he's had a relationship with, realizing that she has been acting differently towards him and wants to restore normalcy between them. The rapper consoles her singing,

"I want nothing but
Your heart your soul
Say what you feeling
Don’t let it take its toll"

ADÉ's transparency is commendable and a constant theme throughout the EP. This verse subtly suggests to listeners that when you are honest, you are most likely to get honesty in return.

A Sweet Love Note In "Something Sweet" (ft. DJ Money & Fatman Scoop)

"Something Sweet" with DJ Money & Fatman Scoop is the most upbeat and synth heavy song on Always Something. This track is an animated and modern take on a love song. The vocals are almost as smooth and the lyrics, which is sure to make everyone swoon. ADÉ sings

"You got my heart
You finally cracked the code
You keep me calling
Crawling back for more"

This verse is just a small piece of the charming masterpiece that is "Something Sweet." While this song is mainly uplifting for the one lucky girl it was inspired by, it is one of the most feel good tracks that everyone can enjoy.

A Final Reminder To Be Genuine in "Something Real" (ft. GoldLink &  Wale)

Wrapping up the EP is "Something Real" with GoldLink & Wale, which is a perfect balance of rap and R&B. Between the three artists on the track, there is a massive amount of success; however all they want are genuine people in their lives and that's what they sing about in "Something Real." During GoldLink's verse he raps,

"Drop your pride just to deal with me
You know you know
That I'm certified
Grammy wisher to a Grammy nom"

Many verses in the song are like this one, begging for people to be real with one another. Although GoldLink has been nominated for two GRAMMYs, he, ADÉ and most of us are looking for relationships with people who love us for us, not what we have or what we've done. This song is a dynamic finale to the spectacular EP that is sure to put ADÈ on the map.