888 Dives into Post-Relationship Growth in the Contagious “Pins & Needles” [PREMIERE]


Stunningly uplifting, alt-electro band 888 have released their highly awaited single, “Pins & Needles.” With elevated electronic soundscapes, contagious alt-pop melodies, and blazing vocals, the track provides listeners with a commanding yet emotive release. A strong narration of personal and emotional growth, the single focuses on the determination to succeed and transform in relationships. “Pins & Needles” explores temporary infatuation accompanied with immense heartbreak.

The band shared,

“‘Pins and Needles’ is about the struggle when you end a relationship. There’s a lot of moments you reflect on the good times, and it’s tempting to reconcile and forget about all the reasons you can’t be together. The song isn’t based on my personal life. Sometimes I write lyrics almost like a book creating a story drawing on other people’s experiences.”

888’s Critical Mistakes EP and Everybody Can’t Complain album powerfully conveyed their ever-present message: “Don’t give up.” Critical Mistakes’ title track professes, “Come wake me up before I die and never get to live,” before adding “let the tide wash away my critical mistakes,” relaying the idea that we are not bound by our mistakes. 888 displays exactly that, constantly pushing forward and actively reaching for more.

The Denver, Colorado-based duo have come of age as a collective who has spent over a decade experimenting with several styles of music in many different bands. Showcasing their experience and evolution as accomplished musical talents, they’ve culminated into a spirited eruption of sound. Garnering millions of streams on Spotify and headlining Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement Tour, as well as opening for Andrew McMahon, 888 is a definitely curating a buzz within the alt-electro scene.

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