A R I Z O N A Enlists Cute Animals for the Infectious “Find Someone” Video


Photos: Catie Laffoon

Before viewing A R I Z O N A's music video for their new song "Find Someone," I was under the adamant impression that there was a not a single thing on this vast, blue earth that brought me more joy than small animals. But then the acclaimed indie-pop trio just had to go and change up my whole worldview by dropping a bop with an irresistible '80s vibe and an accompanying music video bursting with adorable animals.

"Find Someone" marks the first single from A R I Z O N A's forthcoming sophomore outing, which follows their much-applauded debut album, GALLERY. The electrifying new single, which was kicked off by premiere parties in Los Angeles and New York City that sought to help raise awareness for pet adoption, is already making a strong claim for 2019's most joyous musical offering. A R I Z O N A soars through a high-energy track that details the simple yet profound idea of how important it is to find someone or something that brings you happiness, especially in the case that there is someone in your life who is no longer sparking joy.


For A R I Z O N A, this someone or something is clearly a flight of cute animals, ranging from cats, dogs, to even goats. The end result is a purely infectious song made even better by an uplifting visual treat. Zachary Charles of ARIZONA spoke on the adorable video, sharing,

"We wanted to find a fun way to portray an alternate take on a song like 'Find Someone' with the music video. The idea is: if someone or something is not good for you in your life, there are many simple ways and places to find happiness. In the case of our video, that "someone" who can always be there to love you better and turn your day around very well might be your puppy! Or chicken… or turtle… or goat… or baby bunny… or… well you get the idea. We love animals and literally couldn't contain ourselves the entire day we were shooting this. It probably shows."

In support of "Find Someone," A R I Z O N A is set to embark on their largest live adventure to date, including making a stop at Indio for their Coachella debut. Be sure to keep an eye on A R I Z O N A and Ones To Watch for the exciting news to come!

Watch the video for "Find Someone" below: