Abhi the Nomad Pleads for Action on Overconsumption in “House of Clocks” Video


As we approach a presidential election year, more of the nation's (and world's) pressing problems are moving to the forefront of media. Often times, musicians speak out in their support of a candidate or otherwise assert themselves as a representative of an issue close to their hearts. But some issues transcend American politics. Abhi the Nomad reaffirms this notion in his music video for his latest single "House of Clocks."

"House of Clocks" is a soulful hip-hop crossover track built on a viscous drumbeat foundation and adorned with vibrant, sun-soaked horns. However, the song is more than just a catchy summer smash - it's a call to action. In the music video, Abhi wakes up in a desert wasteland with garbage in his beard. Dressed in a protective body suit and a gas mask, the artist pleads with the listener to take personal responsibility in combatting climate change and overconsumption. He emphasizes that it's our job to keep the problem from swallow us, preaching "God ain't gonna fix it, He would've done it by now."

This track, and honestly the whole of his debut album Modern Trash set to release this fall, is a reflection of Abhi the Nomad's experiences growing up around the globe. Born in India but living in eight different countries throughout the first two decades of his life, the artist noticed a commonality wherever he went; trash, decay, waste. He elaborates,

"'House of Clocks' is about owning the consequences for your actions, as humans. It's not anti-religion so much as a recognition that only we as people can save ourselves, and stop destroying the planet. Plus, we're running out of time to fix mistakes."

Abhi is embarking on a US tour this fall to spread the good word and perhaps even better music in support of the climate-consciousness movement. Before Modern Trash drops in October, be sure to check out the music video for "House of Clocks" here: