Adam Melchor Pours Love for Friend’s Sobriety in Folky “Three Hours Ahead”


Photo: August Belfiglio​​​​​​​

Adam Melchor might be a new face to the Los Angeles scene, but he is not new to the world of music. Raised in a family of musicians (his grandfather spent 45 years in the NY Philharmonic and both his parents, his sister and his grandmother taught music), he pursued an opera degree in college. Following his graduation, he threw himself full-force into his music and soon after, left the comfort of New Jersey towards the West Coast. Melchor's passion paid off with the success of his highly praised single, "Real Estate," a warm, folky and feel-good introspection at his relocation.

Now Melchor is back with another single, "Three Hours Ahead." The track, like "Real Estate," sets in stone Melchor's tenacious songwriting skills. "Three Hours Ahead" feels familiar and warm, while still incorporating a sense of mystery. His vocals are harmonious and the instrumentation is soft as he sings, "All my love goes to you there/ It goes to you there." In an Instagram post, he wrote,

"'Three Hours Ahead' is about Mother's day 2017. I reconnected with my best friend growing up who was living in a different time zone while I was on tour. He had been in Arizona for a couple years on his path to sobriety. The moment hit me in so many ways. Everything about him was glowing, and I could tell he was the happiest he'd ever been. He told me he had reconnected with his mom for the first time since moving out there. It meant the world to me to see him in a good place."

Give it a listen below!