Adam Melchor Aims to Impress on “What a Damn Shame”


Photo: Muriel Margaret

With light vocals and captivating melodies, Adam Melchor has put a unique spin on the current soft pop sound. His sweet, gentle, and sophisticated production creates a relaxing atmosphere with ease, allowing the space for his subtle yet striking songwriting to shine. His latest single, "What a Damn Shame," gives Melchor a chance to demonstrate his signature style in magnificent fashion. Infused with comedic relief and painfully human songwriting, "What a Damn Shame" accentuates Melchor's range, letting audiences hear a different side to the enviable artist.

"What A Damn Shame" follows Melchor's debut album, Melchor Lullaby Hotline Vol. 1, which incorporated a soft, acoustic sound with intentional, complex questions surrounding life delivered via emotionally resonant writing. With lyrics like, "I heard Sinatra wouldn't be caught dead without a suit / Well, I know I'm not him cause he wouldn't be sitting here / Getting stood up by you / … What a damn shame / Waste a good shirt on a bad night," Melchor illustrates a wholesome misery. The vintage guitar-driven melody seamlessly contrasts the modern references and despondent lyrical stylings.

Telling the story of being let down and getting stood up, Melchor invites listeners to find the humor and irony in life's disappointments. The artists' grasp of the human condition and growing genre-spanning discography paints the picture of a future, understated lyrical genius. What a damn shame we don't have more Adam Melchor music in the world.

Listen to "What a Damn Shame" below: