Aklesso Is Gearing up for His Debut With "Worst Year"


South Florida-bred Aklesso is in it for the long-haul. His upcoming album will feature his newest single "Worst Year" featuring artist/producer, Gawvi. Aklesso is a hip-hop artist hailing from Miami. After grinding tirelessly on his music, Aklesso has dropped several successful singles to prep for his forthcoming debut project.

Aklesso said on Instagram last week when he announced the single, "With this year being so devastating I wanted to let the world know that they weren't alone, and that even in the darkest of times, something beautiful can come out of a disaster."

Once Aklesso supported Grammy-nominated artist/producer, GAWVI, on his Panorama Tour and played a big role in songwriting and featuring on his chart topping release Heathen, it's only right that Gawvi executively produced Aklesso's upcoming project.

"Worst Year" is accompanied by the release of a short film directed by Aklesso himself. "The film is about people close to me who've experienced a messy year, but how they were able to see the beauty within the mess. I wanted to highlight these stories to communicate that we are in this together," says Aklesso.

This is the project's second single. Following a handful of loosies to come out this year, Aklesso put out the bright single, "Popular", earlier this month. Now, Gawvi and Aklesso slide effortlessly together on "Worst Year". Both emcees complement either other with differentiating styles. The song offers encouragement while Aklesso delivers Young Thug-like vocals through his melodic bars. The versatile artist is gearing up to likely release his full-length debut project by the close of the year.