aldrch Is the Latest Artist Breaking Hyperpop's Boundaries


The cultural and sonic evolution of hyperpop has frequently left curators and listeners alike struggling to keep up with its ever-changing styles and sounds. While many of the scene's newer artists intersect with genres like emo-rap, others may have a stronger affinity for digicore, and some may find themselves outside of genre's restrictive boundaries altogether. 

This is where aldrch comes in. The New York-based 21-year-old producer refuses to be boxed in, constantly channeling styles and sounds across a wide range of musical influences. Take his latest single "antifreeze*," featuring Ryan Leahan, as further proof that our hero can do anything but be held down by labels.

aldrch clearly has a strong grasp on many of hyperpop's most eclectic tropes, but he delivers them to listeners alongside a nigh pop-punk vibe on "antifreeze*." Though barely topping the two-minute mark, the track is bisected into two distinctly opposite parts, with the final abrasive act being preceded by an alt-rock intro that builds to a fever pitch track progresses. On paper, "antifreeze*" is a collection of genre-devoid risks that have no business working out, but when it's playing in your ear, it's a whole other story.

"I've come to the realization that it's okay to not try to fit your sound into a box" aldrch tells me on a late night via Instagram DM. "I don't feel the need to box myself in, whatever you wanna label it, I'll always deliver something new."

Though he's only been seriously producing for the past two years, aldrch consistently demonstrates an understanding of and forward-thinking attitude towards modern music production. The Minneapolis native initially was taught to produce by his fellow genre-warping peer GOM in high school, back when aldrch went by the moniker cozy rich and assisted GOM on their single "heartache."

This year aldrch has been steadily releasing singles, including the bass-heavy "goner" and fan-favorite "door close," both featuring Kahre. The series of singles are set to appear on his upcoming EP Static, which is set to host a familiar set of names like poptropicaslutz!, ty lorenzo, and the aforementioned Kahre. "My goal with [Static] is to showcase the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and work with" he notes, also over Instagram DM. "I love having the ability to curate a collection of what I think is cool, put my own touch on it, and show everyone what's next in music."

As aldrch continues to develop his burgeoning yet devoted fanbase (myself included), it's safe to say that Static cannot come soon enough. With a knack for eclectic production and genre-melding stylistics, aldrch is quickly making a name for himself in hyperpop's next wave.

Listen to antifreeze* below: