Alec King & Kiana Ledé Embrace the Awkward in “Larry David” Video [PREMIERE]


Photo: Meredith Traux

Whether or not you are well-versed in the hit comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm, co-created and starring the one and only Larry David, it is safe to say we have all had our fair share of "Larry David moments." You know, those cringe-worthy happenings that are at no fault of your own (or maybe a little fault), where you find yourself swimming in a pool of awkwardness and maybe offending a few schmucks along the way.  

Some run from these moments, some revel in it, some write a song and create a play-by-play music video about it. Cue the audacious, genre-bending rapper, songwriter, and producer Alec King. Teaming up with R&B darling Kiana Ledé, King has released the visual accompaniment for "Larry David," which appears on his sophomore EP Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Produced by Billboard-topping producer Jonas Jeberg and co-written by King, Jeberg, Aaron Jennings, and David Bowden, "Larry David" is both sonically and comically gratifying. Drawing heavily on R&B influences, the chilled production gives forth a relaxed, nonchalant vibe while the lyrics profess hilariously relatable and highly uncomfortable situations such as, "I've been using Groupon/ hope that you don't find out" and "He swiped all of my cards and every single one declined … fuck."   


The music video is the theatrical representation of the song itself. Starring Alec King, Gina Valentina, and Ledé, the trio manifests their own series of "Larry David moments," deliciously mortifying while curiously charismatic from start to finish. In his own words, 

"This song is literally a story, top to bottom about me going on a date with a girl who kicks me to the curb when she realizes that I can’t pay for shit. I wanted to make a 3 minute mini movie that stuck to that storyline. So, I sat down and wrote up the treatment. My homie Kiana Ledé blessed us with a feature on this too and is playing the hostess at the restaurant. She’s like a real actor…I can’t act for shit. She helps us escape when all hell breaks loose. It’s also starring my buddy Gina Valentina. She really brings life to the entire story. Her performance is really great!  I’ve literally lived this story personally and I’ve had to use my finesse skills to get myself from getting my ass beat or whatever…also one of us get left behind at the end." 

The video begins with shots of the city and King rolling around town in his beat-up van. The viewer quickly realizes how the lyrics literally shape the plotline ahead, as King muses "Wanna roll ‘round town with a porno chick give me top and the van" and suddenly co-star Valentina emerges from King's wherever, smiles and all. The story continues and the couple heads to a fancy restaurant welcomed by our favorite host, Ledé. As the plot progresses so do those "Larry David moments," from declined cards to an awkward altercation with the waiter, this romantic dinner turns into full blow riff raff.  

But we aren't giving it all away, take a sneak peak at the music video below: 


Once you're done reveling in those "Larry David moments," be sure to check out an exclusive performance and interview from Kiana Ledé below.