alextbh Fearlessly Expresses His Sexuality in “No Space”


Trailblazer alextbh continues to lead the way for LGBTQ and Asian representation in music. Since releasing his debut single "tbh" in 2016, alextbh has accumulated over 20 million Spotify streams. His soulful tunes garnered support from artists like Clean Bandit and Khalid. 

Alex's latest single "no space" fuses his typical left-of-center grooviness with sensual pop. The song chronicles the singer's desire for attention from a man he whimsically met. 

alextbh shared with Wonderland,

“I wrote this song after a hookup one night. The premise is pretty much 'I wanted sex, I got it, I loved the feeling of it, and I want to share it.' It's liberating - both sexually and in writing pop. I went to Denmark fully prepared to make some sadboy shit, so it's funny that this song came out of that trip. I guess every artist needs a bit of fun Scandi-pop in their repertoire.”

Alex currently lives in Malaysia’s capital, where his queer identity is outwardly opposed by the community and government. alextbh lives unapologetically and openly voices his resistance, strength and struggles in all of his music. 

Listen below: