Alextbh Navigates Life “Between” Conservative Politics and His Queer Identity [Premiere]


Photo: Raisa Azzam

Alextbh is a rising star in the pop scene. The Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia native has been steadily producing unique tracks, combining elements of pop and electronic R&B to breathtaking effect. His early successes have led to him tackling the Asian festival scene and performing alongside Khali, Sevdaliza, and Jess Connelly.  

What makes Alextbh even more extraordinary is his commitment to using music to spread love and acceptance for the LGBT community, in spite of his home country's conservative stance on the subject. Today, we are pleased to premiere his provocative new single "Between."

The new track is a hypnotic, seductive queer anthem. Alextbh contextualized “Between" as a bit of an adventure, sharing "I wanted to see how comfortable I could be with my sexuality in my songwriting." The sensual lyrics will undoubtedly land this song a top spot on many a private playlist. 

The accompanying lyric video features an equally erotic visual component, produced by Alextbh himself, laden with contrasting, yet perfectly complementary, extreme close-up shots of male bodies and blooming flowers. Alextbh admits that it felt good to release something so honest and intimate, sharing "it feels empowering to write something explicit in a physical context."

Citing intimacy as a topic he would like to explore more often, "Between" provides a taste of what we can expect from his forthcoming debut EP The Chase, set to release June 12 via EMPIRE. 

We're looking forward to Alextbh continuing to lead the charge on destigmatizing LGBT voices and experiences in the music arena. As he puts it best, "queer bodies are human bodies and there's nothing wrong with trying to frame that intimate moment and showcase it." 

Listen to "Between" below: