Alt-Pop Trio TWIN XL Wants to Be “Friends” With You [PREMIERE]


A stellar alternative-pop trio comprised of Stephen and John Gomez (formerly of The Summer Set) and Cameron Walker-Wright (of Nekokat), TWIN XL is known for their upbeat instrumentals and thoughtful lyricism, and their new single "Friends" definitely lives up to these expectations. Thematically, "Friends" dives deep into introversion as we've all experienced to some extent, but this charismatic tune also questions the validity of isolation. "Friends" suggests that we may not be as ostracized as we think we are because most of us are experiencing similar feelings of loneliness and disconnect. As for the infectious melodies, TWIN XL spoils us with not one, but two catchy hooks (one sung and one whistled) that'll win you over in no time.

TWIN XL exclusively shared with Ones To Watch:

"We really wanted to find that happy balance between writing a catchy pop song that still had a lot of depth lyrically and also had a dark sonic undertone. The lyrics in the first verse talk about our desire for isolation and the internal conflict of an introvert. As the story progresses, we find sanctuary in the presence of strangers in strange rooms completely outside our comfort zone - here, we are free of judgement and we are free to be whoever we want."


Directed by Jade Ehlers and choreographed by Kayla Kalbfleisch, the "Friends" music video shows Walker-Wright and the Gomez brothers in aesthetic suits frolicking with a life-sized teddy bear sporting a matching sapphire blue hair bow. Staying true to their quirky character, TWIN XL invites viewers to awkwardly dance along in their cozy living room before the end of the music video reveals an all too familiar scene for the average introvert.

On the amusing visuals, TWIN XL exclusively shared with us:

"The 'Friends' video is about the internal dialogue and conflict of the introvert. It was inspired by the eerie playfulness of 'Donnie Darko' and in the video, we watch Cameron play with his make believe friends in the comfort of his own home. We desire isolation, but often find sanctuary in the presence of strangers. Are we really friends with the people at this party, or are we simply getting our fix of social interaction?"

You can catch TWIN XL on tour with Jukebox the Ghost and The Mowgli's next month.

Ones To Watch has your first look at the "Friends" music video below: