Ambar Lucid Welcomes a New Era of Self-Acceptance With "girl ur so pretty"


Photo: Clyde Monroe

Mexican/Dominican bilingual songstress Ambar Lucid has released her dreamy and flowery new single “girl ur so pretty.” The song, produced by Marvy Ayy, serves as an introduction to the artist’s upcoming era of growth, confidence, and authentic self-expression, reflecting her new chapter in life as Estrella, a Tarot card character she embodies throughout this journey.

“girl ur so pretty” is a surreal track that sounds like a hazy summer afternoon scored by warm instrumentals and iridescent and floaty vocals. With her signature hushed tone, she introduces herself as Estrella and confesses that she “Can’t tell if I’m in love or high.” She sweetly shares that she’s been fantasizing about becoming closer with her crush and that although she’s not usually into earth signs, her love interest is so beautiful it’s making her shy.

“Inspired by the color pink, sparkles, and characters like Rue and Jules from Euphoria, GUSP is the first introduction to Estrella - the bold and confident woman I am becoming, fully embracing and owning my fluidity, identity, and self-confidence,” the singer explains. “Estrella is a voice and a space for others, like me, who grew up in similar communities that challenged self-acceptance and the ability to be your authentic self.”

The dreamy pop tune showcases Lucid’s artistic versatility and sonic range and comes paired with a cinematic music video directed by Clyde Munroe. Filmed in the always sunny Los Angeles, the video opens with a scene of Lucid and her crush getting ready to head out to a party together. Their playful interactions are full of flirty laughter and heart-melting stolen glances, leaving viewers rooting for the two of them to get together. As the story unfolds, the duo discovers just how intense their attraction is to one another, taking their flirtations one step further.

Over the last few months, the singer has worked hard to finish her next album and prepare for her first headlining tour. The Estrella Tour will have 20-stops around the U.S., starting in San Francisco and ending at the Milwaukee Summerfest Music Festival. Lucid was recently welcomed with ovation and applause from a packed crowd at her Vive Latino festival performance in Mexico City, which only foreshadows what we can expect from this juggernaut on her forthcoming tour.

Watch the "girl ur so pretty" video below: